Current Social Activities
Nautical Flea Market 2019 July-27-2018

The Nautical Flea Market 2019 will be on May 4th and 5th.  Members should block out some time to support this event, as it is the only fundraiser (except for dues) that we have during the year.  Vendors should get their places reserved early to make sure that they get the best spot by contacting Bill Coxwell at:


On The Water Activities
Rockin' Rockport Regatta Photos August-20-2018





Rockin' Rockport Regatta Galley August-20-2018

Rockin' Rockport Regatta Galley 

A big thanks to all of the wonderful cooks and bakers in the Rockport Yacht Club!!

 The Happy Hour food on Friday night was delicious and bountiful!!

 The COOKIES were fantastic!  Someone was always at the cookie table trying to choose which delicious cookie to try! Many of the sailors (and others) left with a small bag of cookies to enjoy on the way home.

Someone suggested that we rename ourselves "The Cookie Regatta"! 

THANKS again to ALL our cooks and bakers!!

Jennie Taylor

Sunfish Races - End of Season July-27-2018

It is the end of the season for the Sunfish races.  Come out and cheer on your favorite boat.


Vision & Bridge

The Rockport Yacht Club is a dynamic organization aimed at filling the social and nautical needs of it's members. Our Theme this year is Engagement with a goal to add 30% new members to our roster in 2016!.

Our Vision is to have the Rockport Yacht Club recognized as a valued community member that is socially and nautically connected.

The Mission of the Rockport Yacht Club shall be to serve the interests of its members by: promoting water activities; providing a suitable facility whereby the members are able to gather in a social atmosphere; cultivating community relations; and honoring the historic nature of our club.

Our Purpose is to foster positive behaviors while networking within the nautical community.

Our Bridge Officers and Directors are committed to a set of goals consistent with our mission.

  Commodore: Terry Nielson


  Vice Commodore: Heather Bywater



  Rear Commodore: Karl Hielscher



Treasurer: Janet Ustruck



Secretary: Diane Nilson



Director Public Relations/NFM: Pete Chamberlain



Director Place 2: Rick Boyce



Director Place 3:Melvin Dreiss



Director Place 4: Heather Bywatter



Past Commodore: Barbara Koster



  Webmaster: webmaster@rockportyachtclub.org  


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